Acetaia La Bonissima Balsamic has been passionately produced by the De Pietri family since the beginning of the last century. At the start of the 1900’s, the grandfather Celestino, used to run one of the city's oldest trattoria at the gates of Modena on Via Emilia, which was also an official refreshment point of the Mille Miglia car race. 

Celestino first started to make "Balsamic Vinegar" in his wine barrels to sell to travellers. 
Many others barrels gradually joined the originals, and with the aid of his son Egidio, Celestino started to produce "Balsamic" on considerable scale. 

Today the only relics from the old trattoria are the "Balsamic" barrels, which have been moved for safekeeping to the attic of an old house in the countryside, at the foot of the Modena hills. This area is the undisputed home of the vines which produce trebbiano grapes, used for centuries to make the boiled must which is then aged in costly wooden barrels to produce a "Balsamic". 
Since those days, at the end of the grape harvest this ritual has been performed every year by Franco and Donatella with sons Francesco and Alessandro, the latest generation of the family. 
The company trademark "LA BONISSIMA" relates to a small statue in Modena near the ancient roman Duomo. 
This wonderful 15 year old balsamic can be enjoyed with any meal from aperitif to the finest desserts.

The aim of Acetaia La Bonissima is to preserve this deep passion, tradition and quality and uses only prime quality Italian ingredients without any additives, and colourings or thickeners and is suitable for Vegans.

Guarantees and certifications

All products and methods of production at every level are guaranteed and certified by Mipaaf (Ministero delle Politiche Agricole, Alimentari e Forestali).
balsamic accreditation