Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Sardine' terracotta jar 500ml

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Made in Puglia

The Sardine Jar is another 'Pop Art' addition for your kitchen. This hand made and hand painted terracotta jar preserves all the flavour and aroma of this beautiful medium fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Frantoio Muraglia have passionately produced some of the finest olive oil in Italy over 5 family generations in the Puglia region of Italy.  

The Peranzana olive produces an elegant oil that goes perfectly with delicate dishes; it boasts very low acidity and a superbly well-balanced taste, suitable for fish and lightly-cooked dishes.

Golden yellow in colour with gleams of bright green. Its scent is dominated by the characteristics of the Peranzana olive: full and fragrant, it has rich and vivid scents of tomato, rocket, radish and bright notes of artichoke. In the mouth this beautiful oil releases fresh and vivid notes without any bitter or spicy tones.

Muraglia extra virgin olive oils have won over 16 awards in the last 10 years alone!

Please take a moment to view this video to see why we love Muraglia Olive Oils so much!