Porcelain since 1775

The beginning of Tognana’s family industrial activity dates back to 1775, in the brick sector. The current ceramic ware company was inaugurated in 1946, evolving in a short time from pottery to porcelain, manufactured using traditional firing methods. The company quickly became one of the major domestic producers of high quality porcelain dishes and its reputation further improved with the merger with New Fontebasso S.p.A. in 1989. Then in 1998 a partnership with the Morosi Family began and the Tognana brand has become a market leader in the manufacture of ceramic ware.

All the processing methods skillfully pair traditional craftsmanship with the most modern technologies, creating shapes, colours and effects that are always out of the ordinary. Passion and care to detail are reflected in authentic Italian design to elegantly enhance.   

All product is designed and made in Italy, at the company headquarters in Treviso, near Venice.