Our story


How it all started........

Unexpected but wonderful

It all started with a house…..the house that we purchased from Francesco’s sister Antonella in 2016. This fulfilled the “love of all things Italian” for Gary and Harveen.   Having worked so long to achieve our dream, we were not disappointed with our beautiful house, situated in Abruzzo – in Central / South Italy, in a region famed for its food and wine!

Continuing to work in London, we spent 2 years refurnishing, furnishing and getting our house ready.

In that time Francesco, Gary and Harveen became friends – and then business partners. 

We began to uncover beautiful Italian product designed and manufactured by small family owned companies who demonstrated the best of design, craftsmanship and authenticity in their product.

We became fascinated by the product and the manufacturers stories and history –  some going back 3 or 4 generations.

We now bring this product to you.  We are certain you will enjoy the aesthetic, and story behind each of these wonderful pieces.




 Gary, Harveen, and Francesco & our house Spring 2018