Zoom Francesca Bianchi -  T Bangle - White

Francesca Bianchi - T Bangle - White


Born in Arezzo, Tuscany in 1989, Francesca Bianchi is a passionate stylist, in 2012 she graduated with a bachelor degree in Industrial Design at Florence University and also attained a masters degree in Yacht Design in Milan.

This stunning hand made enamel bangle is created in bronze and then 24 carat gold plated. Entirely hand painted by Tuscan craftsmen, the enamel is prepared at the last minute which ensures the best hue and vibrancy, and then baked in a high temperature oven to preserve a beautiful vitreous effect. 


Height 5 cm Width 6.5 cm


Avoid contact with detergents, alcohol and fragrances at all times.                        Enlarge or tighten with caution.


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