Zoom Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Rose Gold' jar 500ml
Zoom Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Rose Gold' jar 500ml

Muraglia Extra Virgin Olive Oil 'Rose Gold' jar 500ml


Made in Puglia

This Limited Edition Rose Gold jar from the "Coolers" range is another fantastic addition for your kitchen. This stunning glass jar preserves all the flavour and aroma of this beautiful intense fruity extra virgin olive oil.

Frantoio Muraglia have passionately produced some of the finest olive oil in Italy over 5 family generations in the Puglia region of Italy.  

Made from cold-pressed Coratina olives, this multi award winning intense fruity is a vibrant gold-green colour. The Coratina olives contain three times more antioxidant polyphenols than any other Italian olive oil variety which helps with the intense flavour, spicy notes and hints of astringency.

Finally we cannot describe this oil better than the Muraglia family themselves!......

"This oil enhances traditional dishes for the modern palate. It is perfect for raw vegetables, salads and vegetable soups.

rich deep green with shades of gold, it is perfumed with irrepressible notes of dill, fennel, artichoke, pepper and hay. In the mouth, it unleashes a riot of vegetable tones; powerful, rich, cut through with phenols perfectly integrated into its structure – a wonderfully balanced taste. Imposing, its closing notes are deliciously spicy and it has a long finish of vegetable tones."

Muraglia extra virgin olive oils have won over 16 awards in the last 10 years alone!

Please take a moment to view this video to see why we love Muraglia Olive Oils so much!

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