Pernici Candle - Scented Candle - Bois d'Orient 320 gram

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Handmade in Italy

Bois d'Orient.....A fragrance influenced by the Eastern hemisphere, mixing various spices like nutmeg and cloves with cedar and sandalwood. The base note envelopes the air with the scent of patchouli and tonka.

Giovanni Pernici founded the Cereria Pernici candle factory in 1892, in his home town of Alzano Lombardo, in the Italian province of Bergamo and is still family owned to this day.

The vegetable wax is free from any animal by-products, ensuring the candle has best burning, longest life and totally non-toxic properties.

Wicks are made from pure cotton, with no lead,nylon or wood. The essences and fragrances are painstakingly selected using the Pernici philosophy of clear thoughts,steady hand and clean energy.

The Pernici family have always been environmentally conscious in their production and rely entirely on renewable resources.

This 320 gram candle has a burning time of 40 hours.