Villa Reale Supreme - Sicilian Mulberry Jam 340g

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Made in Sicily.

Gelsi translates as black pears but we know them as Mulberries. The Sicilian Mulberry has an intense colour and elegance that makes it perfect for a sophisticated jam. This delightful jam is excellent served for breakfast on a hot buttered toast or croissants, or perhaps for afternoon tea. Also a great combination with hard cheeses, like Pecorino Siciliano DOP cheese, or fresh goats cheese.

This product comes in its own elegant box. 

Italian tips for using the products:

Delicate and harmonious this delicious jam can be used in a variety of culinary creations like elegant tarts, muffins or refined cakes using this intense Gelsi black pear jam. You could also create a vibrant mousse to accompany a vanilla ice-cream adding at your own pleasure a swirl of whipped cream. If you enjoy being distinguished for your originality use a few spoon fulls of this jam to create a sorbet, for a hot Sicilian summers eve, an ideal conclusion to any meal with a touch of class.

Black pear from Gelsi, sugar, fruit pectin.

Once opened, refrigerate unused portion and consume within 15 days.

Net Weight gr. 340  -  Gross weight gr. 800