Villa Reale Supreme - Peach & Blackberry Jam with Cognac 340g

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Made in Sicily.

A sublime combination of Sweet Sicilian peaches, blackberries and cognac named by Victor Hugo as the ‘Liquor of the Gods’. With a flavour that is velvety and fruity this makes a special gift.

This product comes in its own elegant box. 

Italian tips for using the products:

A creation of the highest level, made for those who are serious about their love of ‘sweet indulgences’. Use this jam to bring to life a vanilla and basil sorbet and your pallet will dance from the perfumed flavour sensations it brings .If you wish to opt for a a more elegant combination cut a peach in half and remove some of it only then to add the peach and blackberry jam, oven bake until warmed through and serve deliciously with amaretto biscuits and a sprig of mint. 
With such a distinctive perfume it would also be the perfect breakfast simply spread over freshly baked bread. The simple luxury of a breakfast with real emotion.

Peaches, sugar, blackberries, Cognac, fruit pectin.

Once opened, refrigerate unused portion and consume within 15 days.


Net Weight gr. 340  -  Gross weight gr. 800